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Read and saved by fanciers worldwide, Sheltie International Magazine offers articles on all aspects of Sheltie care. Every Sheltie lover will appreciate Sheltie International Magazine, all chock full of helpful articles, advice, tips, useful listings, and information from breeders, judges and handlers.


front cover

Spring 2015

RBIS Multi BISS GCh Belmark Close Encounter

In this issue:
Richard Beauchamp on Choosing The Dog to Special Pt 1; New Addition to the Herding Group; Thoughts On Puppy Milk Replacers; Picking The Right Stud Dog; Westminster 2015 results; Prioritizing Whole Dog Health; New Course B Advanced Title: Nancy Runyon and HC Sara Lee HXAds HXBds; Diatomaceous Earth for Flea Control; Clicker Training Makes Life Better for Dogs, Trainers.

Sheltie International is offered to all judges who are AKC approved to judge Shelties at the
Breed level.

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